Minsk authorities ban referendum meeting

Minsk City Executive Committee has banned the headquarters of Viktar Babaryka and the UCP to hold a meeting on July 12. At the event the organizers were going to discuss constitutional reform and the holding of a republican referendum.

The answer from Minsk authorities says that the application does not comply with Article 9-1 of the Law “On Mass Events”, in addition, no contracts with “Zelenstroi” and the police department of Minsk city executive committee have been signed.

The application was initiated by Babaryka headquarters; the application for a meeting on the referendum on returning the 1994 Constitution was submitted by the United Civil Party.

“In a word, the regime and the officials who support it are doing everything (including violating their own stripped down and castrated law) to silence us. They are afraid to hear people’s voices. But they will hear it, and it will be louder than they expect. They consider themselves masters of life and allow themselves to neglect the interests of those they should serve. But people in Belarus are no longer ready to tolerate this impudence. The time for change has come, and people will make themselves respected,” suggested the UCP leader, Mikalai Kazlou.