Minsk and Moscow arguing about gas discounts

Consultations on gas discount for Belarus will continue.

“This topic was addressed, but no decisions have been made, the appropriate ministries were instructed to continue consultations on this issue with relevant business entities,” said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, answering the question on gas.

He added that the specific discounts for Belarus were not discussed, “they calculate based on some formula.” According to Novak, Belarus now has the lowest price for gas of all countries. “And we are working on the basis of existing agreements of 2011 and 2014,” TASS quoted the Minister.

On January 13, Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia and Belarus Uladzimir Syamashka and Arkadz Dvarkovich held talks, but agreements over gas prices were not reached. As was noted by the then Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Anatoly Yanovski, an agreement has not been reached, there is no date for the new meeting. Yanovski also reported that it is no longer a 10% decrease, but the absolute numbers that are discussed.

Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Vadzim Zakreuski previously told reporters that the Ministry of Energy expected to reduce the price of Russian gas in 2016 for more than $10 per 1 thousand cubic meters. Though, according to him, today it is also acceptable and is $142.37 for 1 thousand cubic meter.


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