Minister Shunevich spoke on drones that disappeared during Freedom Day

Before the meeting in the House of Representatives, the Minister of Internal Affairs told reporters that he did not know about the fate of the drones, which belong to several media and which were lost on Freedom Day.

“It could have been a technical mistake of the operator, there could have been a malfunction in the operation of the control systems, and they could also have been stolen — I do not rule out anything, we are looking into it,” he said.

The drones suddenly disappeared during the concert on March 25, at the site near the Opera House. They were used for filming the event. Among them was the device rented by “Belsat”.

When the individual entrepreneur Siarhei Hlushtsou turned to the police to report the theft of his drone, law enforcers said: “Well, you must understand where the drone flew”. They added that the solution of the issue “was not in their competence.”,

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