Interpreter wanted: Activist refuses to speak to Belarus police in Russian

Sports and patriotic club Vayar (Fighter)

The activists of Young Front (Malady front), a Belarusian opposition organization registered in the Czech Republic, decided to celebrate its anniversary by holding a street performance, i.e. digging make-believe trenches. The action took place near the village of Rudnya Spanitska (Vetka district).

The site was chosen for a good reason: it is just 25 km from the Russian border and 75 kilometers from the Russian town of Klintsy (Bryansk region) where the Kremlin started establishing a military base.

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“Russian troops are being pulled for further aggression against Ukraine and, perhaps, against Belarus. Therefore, today we have marked our anniversary holding such a symbolic performance in the woods. We did not manage to dig trenches out, because a brigade of forest rangers brigade arrived, they had video cameras, then the police and representatives of the Investigation Committee came. There must have been persons – colonels and all top officials of Vetka district,” young Front activist and former political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich told

According to him, several protocols were drawn upon the participants of the action, because ‘one is not allowed to dig in the forest’.

“Then activist Syarhei Palcheuski was taken to the police ‘for establishing identity’. Now they are inspecting our car and seizing airsoft equipment,” Dashkevich said.

After Dashkevich refused to talk to the police saying he did not understand the Russian language, the officers had to call for a teacher of the Belarusian language and ask her for interpreting.

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