Policeman suing Belsat TV contributor Kanstantsin Zhukouski

A policeman has taken Kanstantsin Zhukouski to court over protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. He also wants to get a compensation for moral damages. The latter is estimated at 2,000 Belarusian rubles.

Loyeu policeman Uladzimir Buhautsou is suing freelance journalist and Belsat TV contributor Kanstantsin Zhukouski in the Tsentralny district court of Homiel.

Uladzimir Buhautsou became offended by Zhukouski posting an online report about the actions of the Loyeu police (“Loyeu Gestapo“) which had pictures of the policeman.

“The video where Zhukouski is asking Loyeu residents questions has an inscription “MIA–Gestapo,” says Bukhautsou in the lawsuit.

“For me, the grandson of the people who defeated fascism, it is a moral affront,” says the policeman.

“From history, we know that “Gestapo was a punishing body of Nazi Germany, which tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of our innocent citizens during the Great Patriotic War,” reminds us Buhautsou.

The policeman is asking the court to declare that the information from the video by Kanstantsin Zhukouski, including made for Belsat, humiliating his honor, dignity and business reputation.

The law enforcer is seeking the disproving of this information by Zhukouski in the print media and receive from a journalist a monetary compensation for moral damage in the amount of 2,000 Belarusian rubles.



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