Microsoft reports new cyberattacks targeting sporting and anti-doping organizations

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center has recently tracked significant cyberattacks originating from a group they call Strontium, also known as Fancy Bear/APT28, targeting anti-doping authorities and sporting organizations around the world.

“At least 16 national and international sporting and anti-doping organizations across three continents were targeted in these attacks which began on September 16, just before news reports about new potential action being taken by the World Anti-Doping Agency,” the statement reads.

According to the Center, some of these attacks were successful, but the majority were not. Microsoft notified all customers targeted in these attacks and worked with those who have sought their help to secure compromised accounts or systems.

Strontium, which is controlled by the Russian special services, is claimed to have committed cyber attacks on the US Democratic Party, NATO, the French channel TV5 Monde, the Bundestag and a number of agencies and organizations.

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