Message to Belarusians from 1969 opened in Vorsha

The marble nameplate laid in the wall of the building of the Vorsha regional executive committee said that the letter was to be read on January 1, 2019. Authorities opened it only on January 8th. Photo –

The message written fifty years ago was in Belarusian. The new message to the future generations was written in Russian.

From the letter it follows that the entire 100,000 population of the then Vorsha addressed the residents of the city.

“Vorsha is our love, our pride, our military, revolutionary and labor glory. For you, it is history,” the message reads, which was voiced by Ihar Isachanka, chairman of the district executive committee.

Radio Liberty reports that the new letter was written in Russian, and some expressions could be pronounced by modern officials:

“We bequeathed to you: be proud of the city that we built. It is a part of our Motherland, and we must love our Motherland. ”

The message began with congratulations “on the great holiday of the 50th anniversary of the BSSR and the Communist Party of Belarus,” and ended with an appeal to descendants who in 2019 should be living in a “bright future”: “We see in you traits of the people of communism”.

The historical paper and the capsule were transferred to the Museum of History and Culture, and instead of the old capsule, a new one was laid in the wall, with another message to the descendants, which will need to be taken out 50 years later. The new message was written in Russian.

The text of the letter was voiced, it says about the hope for the best and victory over the difficulties of life. But only those present at the meeting could hear the content of the message. As the district executive committee said, this text will not be printed anywhere.

Officials hope that the building will last another 50 years.

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