Minsk rated most popular former USSR city among Russian tourists

The top 10 list of most popular destinations among Russians has two Belarusian cities.

Minsk ranks first. On average, Russians come to Minsk for 3.5 days and pay for accommodation 75 denominated rubles (2.5 thousand Russian rubles).

Next in popularity among Russians are Almaty, Baku, Astana and Yerevan.

The top ten list of most popular cities also include Vitsebsk, where guests from Russia on the average pay for accommodation 66 rubles a day.

The rating was made by representatives of Roomguru.ru based on the search data and the booking of hotels and apartments for accommodation from 1 January to 31 July 2016.

Minsk is traditionally included in the list of the most popular holiday destinations among Russian tourists. In late June, the capital of Belarus took the second place in the list of popular summer destinations among Russians, losing first place to Prague.


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