$500 monthly: Are Minsk residents really well-paid?

The Belarusian National Statistical Committee published new data on average wages in the country.

According to the committee’s estimates, the average monthly salary reached 800 Belarusian rubles in December (in November – BLR 717). Minsk residents earn more – on the average, BYN 1,000 per month (appr. $515), the agency states.

Belsat TV asked people in the streets of Minsk whether they do get such a salary. Most respondents were surprised at the high figure diven by the statistic committee.

“If I earned BYN1,000 per month, I would be very happy!”a man said.

“In practice, the average salary in the country is about BYN500 ($240)!” an outraged woman said.

“I have never heard the average pay is so high. I know people whose maximum is BYN250 ($123) monthly,” another man stresses.

“It is not true. People get BYN400,500 – it is enough just to live through.”

“There is no such average salary in Minsk.”

Only one interviewee replied in the positive: „My father is paid BYN1,000, I earn 600.”

In November 2016, Belarus president Alyaksandr Lukashenka ordered to restore the average salary to $500 in the Belarusian ruble equivalent. In his opinion, it will be resonable only on condition of the growth in labor productivity. However, taking into account the current economic situation in the country, a wage hike is impossible, independent experts warn.


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