Mehrdad Jamshidian released from prison but must leave Belarus

The Department of Citizenship and Migration of Minsk made a decision on the case of Iranian citizen Mehrdad Jamshidian. The Iranian must leave the country voluntarily. To do this he has three months, writes the site

Earlier, a Minsk court overturned the forced deportation of an Iranian, Mehrdad Jamshidian and ordered the citizenship and migration department to reconsider the case of Mehrdad.

On May 14, Mehrdad was released from the detention facility after 11 months of detention. But now the Iranian must somehow find within three months a country that would accept him. At the same time, neither the court nor the citizenship department took into account several important circumstances — the right to a family, Mehrdad’s close ties with Belarus, health problems of both Mehrdad and his wife, as well as the lack of material and legal ability to move to another country.

Mehrdad and his family have been living in Belarus for almost 25 years, all his life and his family is associated with Belarus. During the time he was in custody, he suffered a heart attack, and his wife survived the operation. They both need treatment. The family is provided by two daughters, and they simply do not have the funds to move to another place.

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