Belarus yet to resume clean oil refining

Mazyr Oil Refinery continues the process of replacing dirty oil with the oil received last Sunday, which meets the standards. Earlier, the concern hoped that work with pure oil would start at the very beginning of the week.

“Quality Russian oil arrived at the refinery on Sunday. Today, technological equipment continues to be cleaned from “dirty” oil and is being replaced with “pure” oil,” said a spokesman for the concern.

In this regard, oil refining at the Mazyr Oil Refinery has not yet begun, the representative of the concern said, reports.

The good quality Russian oil began to flow into Belarus through the Druzhba pipeline on the afternoon of May 2 after Belarus completely stopped pumping oil to remove the oil contaminated with organic chlorides from the Russian and Belarusian sections of the Druzhba pipeline.

According to the forecast of the Gomeltransneft Druzhba, the transit of Russian oil through Belarus to Europe with a load of 60-65% is expected to resume only on May 10-11.

Both Belarusian refineries, the Mazyr Refinery and Naftan, reported the threat of equipment damage and reduced refining volumes by almost 50%. They also forcedly suspended the export of light oil products to Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries.

The Ministry of Energy of Russia has confirmed the fact of contamination of Russian oil with dichloroethane, a toxic substance that is used as a solvent for fats and paraffins. It has strong corrosion properties. According to Transneft, the contamination occurred at the Samara-Unecha site and was the result of deliberate actions. Under the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, commissions have been established that investigate the incident.

Belneftekhim reports that over 1 million tons of low-quality oil have accumulated in our country. The total volume of contaminated raw materials located in oil pipelines in Russia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine is estimated by the concern at 5 million tons.

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