Marketing in Russian style: ‘Eco’ Novichok oil with KGB tag


A Russian businessman has launched the production of… Novichok.

Alexei Yakushev, a resident of Russia’s Ulyanovsk region, makes no secret of his intention to сasn in on the international scandal. That is why he named his new vegetable oil after Novichok, a nerve agent, which was used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in early March in the British Salisbury.

“I regularly watch news and I really like this product. As I failed to find it in any store, I decided to produce it myself,” the Youtube video shows the entrepreneur joking and giggling.

When the interviewer asks him where one can find the Skripals, Yakushev answers that one should go to England and bursts with laughter.

Striving for the wow effect, Yakushev decorated bottle labels on the bottles with the dread abbreviation – ‘KGB’.

The businessman’s peculiar sense of humour can also be spotted in the description of the product: one learns that the oil comes from an organic farm, has a ‘specific’ taste and guarantees ‘longevity’.

The ‘natural and pollutant free’ Novichok oil has not hit store shelves yet. The manufacturer is currently waiting for necessary certificates and approvals.


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