March to become protest month in Belarus

Several organizations have made public their plans for protests to be held not only in the capital, but also in the regions. There is a solution for, perhaps, the main problem of the opposition — disunity.

Minsk protests on Saturday, regions protest on Sunday

“Power to the people!” is the appeal of Mikalai Statkevich, one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, that he addressed to the Belarusians and announced plans for protests in March.

There is a nationwide demonstration of the so-called “People’s Assembly” planned for March 25th. It is supposed, according to Statkevich, to decide “what to do to with the right for a normal life stolen from people”.
Then the energy capital of the protest is to be extended to the regions. And on Sunday, people are to gather in the central squares of cities and towns. However, the organizers did not hide the fact that their biggest hope is for the protest in the capital.

“We are not parasites” campaign also organizes protests

Representatives of another political campaign called “We are not parasites,” which brings together a dozen political parties and movements, have presented a more intense schedule for March.

The first rally will be held next Sunday in Brest. It will be followed by Maladzechna, Pinsk, Babruisk, Vorsha and Rahachou. On March 15th — Constitution Day — the politicians offered to gather in the central squares in Hrodna, Mahiliou and the Academy of Sciences in Minsk. On Freedom Day, the events will be held both in the capital and in Homiel. Time and place of the Vitsebsk rally will be announced later.

There is a meeting of the opposition leaders to be held in the coming days.

The meeting will be attended, among others, by representatives of the Belarusian National Congress and the center-right coalition. The protest organizing committee has been joined by the movement “For Freedom”, which has recently been skeptical of the street fighting.

Yuryi Salodki, “Belsat”

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