Man who went missing during crackdown on protests found dead

28-year-old Mikita Kryutsou who did not return home on August 12 is dead, his wife Alena said on Saturday. The body was found in the urban forest area in Partyzanski district of Minsk.

Over the past ten days, the family and voluntary group Angel has been searching for him.

Міkita Kryutsou

The wife did not confirm or refute her husband’s participation in the rallies. The police informed her that the body shows no signs of violence, NN reports.

“I do not know if he showed up at the rallies or not, I do not know if he was detained or not. On August 12, he stopped communicating and went missing. And today we have been contacted over the phone and told that he was found hanged. Tomorrow we are going to the morgue and the police in order to find out everything. I am sure he could not do it himself,” news media outlet Onliner quotes her.

Notably, Alena Kryutsova says that his phone was last tracked in the Republican Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Minsk, but there is no information about Mikita’s staying there.

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