Man in Russia fined for photo of graffiti about Putin

The Yaroslavl court has fined a local resident, Kirill Poputnikov, who posted on a photo with an indecent inscription addressed to Putin his Facebook page, reports.

A resident of Yaroslavl was fined 30 thousand Russian rubles (960 Belarusian rubles). The graffiti “Putin …” appeared on March 31 on the building of the Interior Ministry in the Yaroslavl region. The police opened a criminal case over vandalism. After some time, the security forces detained the man who made this inscription.

Kirill Poputnikov photographed the graffiti and posted it on his Facebook page, which was followed by an administrative case initiated against him.

During the trial, Poputnikov claimed that in this way he wanted to draw attention to the act of hooliganism.

The man does not agree with the punishment. He is going to appeal this court decision.

The local media wrote about the graffiti case. Roskomnadzor demanded that this news be removed. This demand was fulfilled by at least five Yaroslavl media outlets.