Man dies of COVID-19 after serving 10-day term for ‘participating in unauthorised event’

Syarhei Shchatsinka, a 57-year-old resident of the town of Asipovichy (Mahiliou region), has died after two-week battling the disease.

The man must have contracted the novel coronavirus in the remand prison, TUT.BY reports with reference to the family.

The local police visited their place and took her husband away on November, 12, Ala Shchatsinka, the wife of the deceased, told journalists. On the same day, Ala was detained in her workplace. Then she was released from the local police department, but Syarhei was put into the remand centre.

A day after, the couple stood trial; they were found guilty of participating in an unauthorised mass event (Art. 23.34 of the Code of Administrarive Offences). Ala got a fine of 270 rubles, Syarhei was sentenced to 10 days in jail. They were just taking pictures in the park along with their friends, Ala stressed. The woman says CCTV captured them, and it was very easy to identify her husband by a bright jacket he was wearing.

On the heels of his release, Syarhei tested positive for COVID-19; according to the man, he had a cellmate who was running a temperature. On December 11, Syarhei Shchatsinka suddenly passed away. Notably, the cause of death is not revealed in corresponding documents. Only code R99 which stands for ‘other and unspecified causes’ is listed in the death certificate.

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