Man climbs crane in Minsk, demands his salary arrears paid

Дадалося выніковае відэа

A man has climbed a construction crane and called for television in the Minsk-based “Dynama” stadium under reconstruction.

Builders say that he is a worker from Vitsebsk, who was not involved in the reconstruction of the stadium. His name is Dzmitry Stolyarou.

Rescuers and journalists of independent media arrived at the scene. As “Nasha Niva” reported, the man asked to drive away the poilice car to give a comment to journalists. Later he came down on the ground. According to our correspondent, he was put into a car and taken to the police department.

“He is a resident of Vitsebsk born in 1991. He is a worked. Since he had not get paid at the previous job in Vitsebsk, he decided to draw attention and demand compensation. As you can see, he is not dangerous and makes no provocations. We are still working to find out his real motives,” said spokesman for Minsk police Alyaksandr Lastousky.

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