Step by step, we will solve visa problem — FM Makey

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus plans to expand opportunities for visa-free entry of foreigners into Belarus “step by step”.

This was stated by the head of Ministry Uladzimir Makey during the opening ceremony of a memorial plaque with the information of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs’ location in 1919.

“We need to move step by step. I think that we will solve the visa problem by small steps. We will extend the visa-free entry for foreign nationals wishing to visit Belarus. I am confident that we will solve the visa problem in our negotiations with the European Union,” Foreign Minister said.

Foreigners about the abolition of visas for Belarus

Starting from February 12, citizens of 80 countries will be able to fly into our country without a visa for five days. Because of this, Moscow airports began to check passports of some citizens arriving from Belarus to keep out visa-free travelers to Russia.

“Not all the passengers arriving from Minsk are checked. Far from it,” said Uladzimir Makey. – “Russia also checks passengers arriving from the southern areas. From Sochi, for example. There is a spot check for security purposes. But I know that there are certain problems. We are working together with our Russian colleagues to address these problems. And I think that we will solve them”.,

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