Mahiliou residents say minimal wage rise not enough

The head of Belarus began the journey to a social state as far back as in 1994. He claims the journey continues.

From now on, the human potential in Belarus is estimated at 1.5 BYN more. The Ministry of Labor has raised the living wage budget by the mentioned sum. According to the economist Leanid Zlotnikau, by this the Belarusian government understands the minimum amount necessary for the person to survive in Belarus.

The increase of 1.5 BYN did not cause enthusiasm among citizens

At least those residents of Mahiliou, who were polled by “Belsat”.

“It is impossible to live, it is impossible. I also work part-time. Even considering the money I earn, I have barely enough to survive.”

“This is very little, considering the price of utilities. I want to go out, buy clothes, it’s very small sum.”

Minimal labor and social pensions have also changed

Since February 1, they have grown on average by the same amount.

While the head of state promises all 1,000 BYN, the majority does not receive even half of the sum.

“If you take a median salary — it is the average income, which divides the population into two equal parts. The median salary we have is 555 BYN ($ 270). This is also a very small amount,” said Leanid Zlotnikau.

At the same time, the number of those who live below the poverty line is growing. According to statistics for September, the income of almost 6% of Belarusians was below the subsistence level. Thus, poverty affects more than half a million residents of the so-called social state.

Volha Zharnasek, Belsat, Photo: Rymakov Vadim / ITAR-TASS / Forum

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