‘Psychosomatics’: Iconic rock musician puts new album on web

The famous Belarusian performer Lyavon Volski has presented a new album on Soundcloud. One can also download on Volsky’s website.

“The album is sacramental to me. It is like a border between what has already occurred and what lies ahead. There were lots of things of different colours and emotions… but one does not know what the morrow has in store. And Psychosomatics lies between the unknown future and the warm and bright, restless and uneasy, cheerful and sad past like the Rubicon,” the singer told Belsat TV.

Psychosomatic includes 16 tracks. The album is divided into two discs – City and Forest.

The funds for recording the album were raised on the Internet. Snorre Bergerud, a well-known Norwegian sound producer, helped Volski in turning the musical project into reality. He was also involved in recording the musician previous album ‘Hramadaznaustva’ which was released in 2014.

At the moment, fans can enjoy listening to news songs on the Internet. Anybody who wants to will stand an opportunity to buy the disc at the album presentation on December 3 in Vilnius Loftas club.

The Belarusian authorities put Lyavon Volski on their unofficial black list of artists who do not support Lukashenka’s regime. State-controlled TV stations never invite him as a guest; he is actually banned from giving concerts in Belarus.


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