Lukashenka’s press conference sheds light on his persona

Лукашэнка і карова, 2016 год. Фота -

At a press conference for Russian journalists, Alyaksandr Lukashenka spoke not only about relations with Russia, politics and economics, but he also spoke about himself. has prepared a selection of the most interesting discoveries about Lukashenka.

How did his attitude to criticism change because of Boris Yeltsin

Lukashenka and Yeltsin. Photo –

“When I became president, I reacted to every creak of a young journalist’s pen. And once I had a conversation with Boris Nikolayevich. The only person I could drink with. Boris Nikolayevich, what is this? This is not true … He asked me: do you read newspapers and watch TV? Don’t you have anything else to do? It made me think,” Lukashenka admitted.

Lukashenka said that it was Yeltsin who taught him to take criticism in stride.

On animals

Lukashenka said that he adores animals. Especially the calves.

“It is the cow who deserves a monument in Belarus,” Lukashenka said.

He also said that he was very emotional about the death of pets and therefore rejected his son’s offer to take another dog. Now, Lukashenka added, he has three cats and two dogs.

Interestingly, the idea to create a monument to a cow in Belarus appeared as long ago as 2015, but still remains unrealized. It is planned that the sculpture will be located at the Kamarousky market. This year it became known that the authorities are going to attract huge money for this project — about $ 130 thousand.

On foul language

Alyaksandr Lukashenka, 14 December 2018. Photo –

“I am no stranger to swearing,” admitted the head of state. Then he mentioned that obscene language should not be heard in public or from the stage.

He watches “Dozhd”

Speaking about propaganda in the history teachings, Lukashenka said that “yesterday he watched a historian speak at the “Dozhd” — but not from the very beginning. Probably, Lukashenka was referring to an interview the TV channel had with the author of textbooks on the history of Russia, Leonid Katsvoy.

“Dozhd” (Rain) is the only independent television channel in Russia. “Dozhd” allows itself to harshly criticize Putin and the policies of the Kremlin.

Lukashenka also admitted that he was following some Telegram channels.

On another profession

Finally, Lukashenka remembered that he was “a former photographer.” He did not, however, reveal any details of his work in this position.

Фатограф, камсамолец, спартовец. Што кажа пра свае прафесіі і заняткі Лукашэнка?,

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