Lukashenka: We will soon become big name in tennis

At the meeting with the President of the ITF President David Haggerty and heads of several national tennis federations, Alyaksandr Lukashenka promised new achievements of the Belarusian tennis.

“We promise to you as international, European, Russian, tennis leaders and big tennis fans that we will soon, at least in women’s tennis, make a statement about ourselves,” said Lukashenka. I hope Azarenka will also have her say in this.”

Speaking of the Fed Cup games, Lukashenka said, “that’s good that the best tennis players of the United States are hosted today in Belarus.”

“I told our girls on the eve of the event that they had made a huge step forward and they did it for the first time in the history of Belarus: they brought here the best tennis players of the major tennis country,” Lukashenka was quoted by his press service.

He stressed that this event will give a good impetus to the development of tennis in Belarus and will be a good stimulus for younger players.

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