Lukashenka: Wars begin with street protests

Alyaksandr Lukashenka said it during a visit to the 5th Special Forces Brigade, BelTA informs.

In his speech, he hinted at the use of troops to disperse street demonstrations.

“When I had to decide what kind of Armed Forces we need, especially after 2010, I realized that we should have trained soldiers, units in the Armed Forces. Just in case,” said Alyaksandr Lukashenka. “Of course, it is not desirable that we have to resort to the Armed Forces. But anything can happen. The USA is an example of it,” he said.

Speaking about military units in Maryina Horka and Uruchcha, Lukashenka pointed out that they are well prepared and ready to prevent escalation inside the country.

“Secretary of State [of the Security Council Andrei Raukou] rightly said that all wars now begin with street protests, demonstrations, then Maidanas. On the Maidan, if they don’t have their own (we don’t have enough Maidans-oriented people), they will be pulled up from the outside. These are professional militaries, thugs, who are specially trained, mainly within the framework of PMCs (private military companies – BelTA) around the world, and earn a lot of money on provocations in certain states,” said Lukashenka.

He also said that this was the case in Libya, Iraq and Syria. “It’s only gotten worse. It’s a managed chaos,” added Lukashenka.

It should be noted that there are more than a dozen citizens of Belarus among the fighters of the private military company Wagner (which is de facto one of the units of the Armed Forces). They quietly visited their homeland and even received new passports when returning from the front.