Lukashenka vows to close borders of Belarus

Speaking at the women’s pro-government forum, Alyaksandr Lukashenka warned about the threat of war and said that Belarus was forced to close the border with the West,” BelTA writes.

“We are forced to withdraw the troops from the streets, put half of the army on high alert and close the state border in the west — with Lithuania and Poland. We are forced to strengthen the state border, unfortunately, with our fraternal Ukraine,” Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka said that he was “not an aggressor, but a very peaceful person”.

“I don’t want our country to be at war. Moreover, I do not want Belarus and Poland, Lithuania to turn into a battlefield, where foreign interests will be promoted. Therefore, today, in front of this hall of the most beautiful, knowledgeable, patriotic people, I want to appeal to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Stop your crazy politicians, don’t let them start a war!”

Lukashenka stressed that in recent days he has been forced “together with the President of Russia and the Minister of Defense to build up the common defense of the Union State”.

Lukashenka turned to women with a request:

“You will return home. Tell at home, in every village, in town, big and small, tell people what’s really going on. Today the issue of Belarus, Russia and, perhaps, all of Europe, not only Eastern, is being resolved here. We can’t have a real war here,” he stressed.

“I just said that there are very few techniques left in their arsenal. And we are on the brink of a terrible disaster. If they come here, we will have to answer. We will not kneel. Even if we are alone,” he said.