Lukashenka urgently lifts ban on night sale of alcohol

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has ordered to lift restrictions on the sale of alcohol at night. The experiment, which was introduced on October 1 in Minsk and the district level, lasted only a day.

According to Lukashenka’s Administration, the decision to lift the restriction is due to the fact that the fight against drunkenness should not be carried out by unilateral decisions, which in practice lead to the growth of the shadow market and number of crimes and counterfeit products.

“President Lukashenka, after receiving the information provided to him, decided to cancel these ill-considered decisions overnight,” the Administration reports.

Минским магазинам запретили по ночам продавать алкоголь

The Administration also notes that the experience of Belarus and foreign countries testifies to the ineffectiveness and even harmfulness of the prohibitions. It is emphasized that the solution of the existing problem should be comprehensive, with the main focus on preventive and educational measures, the formation of a fashion for a healthy lifestyle.

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