Lukashenka to Putin: Mahiliou is both Belarusian and Russian city


Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin have held a meeting in city of Mahiliou which is currently hosting the 5th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia.

“As agreed, we adhere to the plan we made at the beginning of the year and implementing the decisions taken,” Lukashenka said.

Mahiliou is not only Belarusian, but also a Russian city as it is situated not far from the Russian border, the Belarusian leader stressed when welcoming Vladimir Putin.

In turn, Russia’s president thanked for the invitation and effectively framing the joint work of the forum. He also made a compliment to the city authorities calling Mahiliou beautiful and well-equipped.

The 5th Forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus started working in Mahiliou on October, 10. According to the local activists, the city top officials have stood on head to please Putin and Lukashenka. Protesting against showing off and Putin’s visit is forbidden: the application for permission to hold a protest rally was turned down. All the protests are quiet, e.g. sticking anti-Putin leaflets ‘Volodya, Go Home’ on poles.

Triumphal arch, ban on protest: Window dressing in Mahiliou ahead of Putin, Lukashenka arrival


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