Lukashenka to Belarus public servants: Find jobs for your spouses and mistresses!

On March 9, Alyaksandr Lukashenka strongly recommended his subordinates to find jobs for their non-employed family members and loved ones.

As reported earlier, he also promised that the so-called ‘parasite’ law would stay in force, but tax collection would be postponed for a year.

“I do appeal to the civil servants and other relevant persons in the country: please find jobs for your wives and husbands, lovers and mistresses, family and friends – all those who can and must work. If you wife or mistress is ill, well, they will have medical treatment and care. But if they can and must work, they should be at work at the very least from April, 1 on,” Lukashenka stressed.

The Belarusian leader also ordered officials to find out who are ‘rich husbands’ of the non-employed women under retirement age who do not raise little kids. “Perhaps you know some of them. So do I! But I do not want to name their names by far,” he added.

Moreover, the Belarusian president consider unemployed persons ‘future criminals’. He made the statement at Friday’s session to discuss the performance of law enforcement agencies in 2016 and the optimization of law enforcement and judicial systems.

“The decree <…> is a strong preventive tool. I urged the Belarusian interior minister to focus on this issue. Why? Because an unemployed person (you know it very well) is a future criminal,” he said.

Lukashenka vs parasite tax critics (ENG subtitles)

Decree Nr 3 signed by Alyaksandr Lukashenka in April, 2015 established the obligation of the citizens of Belarus, foreign citizens permanently residing in Belarus, stateless persons, who did not participate in the financing of public spending or participated in such financing less than 183 days (six months – ed.) in the past year, to pay a fee of 20 basic units (appr. $230).

The notorious decree caused a massive public outcry. In late February, protests were held in a number of Belarusian cities and towns. The most sizable action took place in Homiel where 3,000 – 4,000 persons gathered. This time, the Belarusian government opted not to break up the protests that later spread from Minsk to other towns. Interestingly, after the protests Lukashenka left for Russia’s Sochi.

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