Lukashenka: They might have buried me, but I’m still alive

Alyaksandr Lukashenka, 01.08.2018. Photo:

Alyaksandr Lukashenka, who had gone off the radar for a few days, made a public appearance and told jokes about his ‘illness’.

On August 1, the head of the state travelled around Minsk district and inspected the state of the fields. During the conversation with one of the officials, Lukashenka apparently decided to mock at him:

– Will you live up to the next year?

– Hmm, I guess… I intend…

– Don’t make promises you cannot keep! They buried me for a day; so they can bury you as well! (laughing)

Then the topic was elaborated:

“They say that a double is working instead of me. So, you can touch me from time to time [to prove it is not true – Belsat],” the president told a journalist.

The rumours about Lukashenka’s suffering a stroke were spread by Russian Telegram channel Nezygar. Interestingly, the channel is owned by the Russian news agency TASS CEO Sergei Mikhailov, and it positions itself as ‘insider’.


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