Lukashenka tells ‘truth’ about coronavirus

On March 27, Alyaksandr Lukashenka visited the Belgips enterprise. At a meeting with employees, the head of Belarus spoke about the coronavirus.

“When this coronavirus is over, I will tell you many interesting things. A lot of things. And you should think about two questions first. The first question: is coronavirus a man-made infection or did it come out of the air accidentally? Who would need it? The second question… We will not answer this question yet, but tell me: in the world, starting from my colleagues, politicians, and below, and others. Did they try to use this viral disease or psychosis for their own purposes and interests?” Lukashenka asked the Belgips employees rhetorical questions.

During his speech, the head of Belarus called the coronavirus infection “psychosis” several times and said that his youngest son was going to school.

Lukashenka also praised U.S. President Donald Trump, who said on March 24 that “an economic recession could be worse than the coronavirus,” and that his country should return “to normal life”.

As of March 27, 94 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Belarus.