Lukashenka talks about new Constitution draft

According to Alyaksandr Lukashenka, the draft of the new Constitution of Belarus may be ready by late 2021. its fate will be decided by the people at the referendum. He stated that in an interview for a TV program on the channel “Russia 1.”

He specified that “amendments to the constitution, maybe, if delegates are ready for it, will be outlined [at the meeting], and their introduction will happen exclusively at a referendum,” the terms of which will also be announced at the meeting.

“I think that within a year we will be able to draft a new Constitution,” Lukashenka continued. “And I think that by the end of next year, the draft of the new Constitution will be ready. And then people will decide at a referendum whether to have a new Constitution or not.”

However, he refused to disclose information as to what innovations are supposed to enter the Constitution. “No, I can’t lift the veil now, because the basic proposals for change have not yet been formed. That’s one thing,” said Lukashenka. “Secondly, I have outlined some: on the redistribution of powers, on party building. These are political issues. As for the economy, we will leave the proposal to have a socially-oriented state.”