Lukashenka sends Bashar al-Assad painting “Victory Day”

A delegation headed by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus has met with the Syrian president.

Ihar Karpenka gave Bashar al-Assad a message of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. “It contains the words of support for the Syrian people in its uncompromising struggle for territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country,” the website of the Communist Party of Belarus reports.

“The Communist Party of Belarus believes that every nation has the right to choose its own path of development, without external interference … I believe that Syria is waging a just struggle and it is probably symbolic that we presented to the President [Bashar al-Assad –] a picture with the name “Victory Day” – quoted the first Secretary of the Belarusian Communist Party.

The Belarusian delegation arrived in Damascus last week. Members of the delegation, together with the Ambassador of Belarus in Syria, opened in the suburbs of Damascus a children’s sports playground, built on the Belarusian money.

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