Lukashenka says sanctions unfounded and must be resisted

Lukashenka said so during his meeting with head of the National Bank Pavel Kalavur and his assistant Valer Belski.

“All sorts of sanctions pressure… You have to understand that this is purely political. There is no reason, we do not deserve to have sanctions against us. We have been stifled and will continue to be stifled. We must learn to resist it. This is probably the third or fourth stage in the strangulation of the economy and our statehood. We must have a broader view of the world. The European Union is not all there is,” BelTA quoted Lukashenka.

“Although they are not fools, they understand that there are about three thousand different businesses operating and tied to Belarus. And no one wants to see Belarus collapse, as it means certain disadvantages and problems in the European Union itself. That’s why we have to work with everybody, with Europeans and Americans. But there is also the Asian market. There is a lot of money in the world today. And especially unsecured, printed, injected and so on. They have to be tied somehow, everyone understands that,” he said.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka stressed that one should work in this regard and attract financial resources.

“Let’s be frank, the economy should be developing. There is economy – there is a banking system, banks, this sector, and it is alive. If there is no economy – there will be no banking system. And people won’t have money. That is why the economy is first and foremost. Without the economy, there will be no finance. It is clear that there has to be a reasonable balance. It is clear that air money is long gone and will never be. Everyone must understand this very well. But, nevertheless, we must find an opportunity to lend to the real economy, above all”.