Lukashenka says peaceful rallies and demonstrations no more than decoy

He says he sees external interference in peaceful protests, his press service reports.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Photo –

Today, on August 15, Alyaksandr Lukashenka gathered a meeting to speak about the situation in the country.

“We see what’s going on. We do not need to be lulled by peaceful actions and demonstrations. We can see what is going on deep inside. We can see it very well. And then, we read the manuals of color revolutions. Moreover, elements of external interference have already been added to the manuals of color revolutions (we will talk about it today in the Ministry of Defense in the Center for Strategic Management),” he said.

He notes that aggression against Belarus is currently unfolding and he intends to ask Vladimir Putin for help “because the protection of Belarus is at the same time the protection of the Union State”.

Lukashenka also spoke about the protesters.

“Those who roam the streets, they mostly do not understand this. But those who coordinate and guide people do. And you can see that sometimes they work professionally: made-up footage, fakes. It turns out I have a house in Moscow. I now want to say publicly: if you found it — take it away. I have no property in Belarus, except the official residence, where I live in the village. But no, these fakes are being spread. They say I left the country the day before yesterday and I either died or got sick. And it’s all spreading around. For what? To make people feel bad. It’s not going to work. We can’t let it happen.”