Lukashenka says country mortality rate on decline

During the recent meeting on the epidemiological situation in the country, Alyaksandr Lukashenka quoted the mortality statistics, BelTA informs.

Lukashenka said he had received the statistical data with a detailed analysis the day before.

“The total mortality rate in the country has decreased by 1.5% over 4 months. If we hold on to 1.5-2% every quarter, we will reduce mortality by 7-8%. This is a very good indicator against the background of the fact that in some countries the mortality rate is constantly growing. We’ve had a downward trend for several years now,” he said.

As of May 2, 97 patients with confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 died in Belarus.

“But what struck me was that 482 people died from alcohol poisoning. There were 470 suicides. Almost 1 thousand people have already died from alcohol and suicides. The fires killed 218 people. In 4 months, 163 people died in accidents on the roads. 89 people drowned – almost as many as from all kinds of diseases complicated by COVID-19,” said the head of state.