Lukashenka: Sanctions lifted! Sell goods, make money!

Maximum attention should be paid to exporting Belarusian merchandise, Belarusian president Lukashenka said at the government conference on Tuesday.

“Increasing the output and consequently merchandise exports is very important. In this time of crisis I want you to tell me, one by one if you wish, where every tractor, every automobile, kilogram of meat and milk will be exported and who will be responsible for it,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes Lukashenka as saying.

According to Lukashenka, the solution to the problems is simple:

“We just have to make as much merchandise as possible and sell it at top prices. We have to get money back into the country.”

The head of state noted he was going to have a talk with the bankers:

“Foreign currency is hard to earn yet the reserves are transferred abroad and are drained by all kinds of useless projects and trifles!”

In his opinion, now is the best time for effective work. “You’ve always said that prices for energy resources and the raw materials we don’t have are very high. We have all the other things — technologies and well-trained personnel. The prices for raw materials are at their lowest now. So make and sell!” the Belarusian lader said.

In addition, Lukashenka stressed that the banking industry should be ‘slimmed down’ including by making salaries dependent on how much cheap money is brought to Belarus.

“The sanctions have been lifted. Go ahead and act,” Lukahenka summed up., following BelTA

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