Lukashenka’s favourite may become MP

Maryia Vasilevich, a participant in the 2018 Miss World beauty pageant and member of President Lukashenka’s escort team, is starting out in her political career: the girl is set to run for a seat in the House of Representatives, a lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament.

Opposition activist Maksim Vinyarski and Henadz Nasevich, Director of Remavtodor (Minsk Road Maintenance Enterprise), may be her rivals at election precinct Nr 104 in Minsk.

“Our goals are different. I am joining the race to change the situation in the country and remove the dictator from power. As for her, it is nothing but another publicity stunt to show off. In such a way, she contributes to Lukashenka’s crimes,” Vinyarski told

At the moment, the girl works as an anchorwoman at one of the TV shows.

Maryia Vasilevich caught the eye of Alyaksandr Lukashenka when she won the national beauty contest Miss Belarus in 2018. Later, presidential press secretary Natallya Eysmant said that the head of state personally groomed the girl for raking part in the Miss World pageant. He also taught Maryia how to chop wood, and wanted her to take charge of a collective farm.

Lukashenka sets dates for parliamentary elections in Belarus
2019.08.06 08:14