President’s alleged favourite diving into parliamentary work

The newly-baked MP Maryia Vasilevich intends to present the draft law ‘On the treatment of animals’, Minsk News reports.


According to the media outlet, Maryia Vasilevich took notice of a Brest resident’s request to cinsider a fact of animal abuse. The young woman does not have a pet, but she says she loves animals. The deputi is going to insist on completing the development of the above-mentioned law, as the draft bill started to be rewritten 16 years ago.

“I do not understand why such things occur. Perhaps, the parliamentarians believe that this law is not important,” Vasilevich stressed.

Maryia Vasilevich caught the eye of Alyaksandr Lukashenka when she won the national beauty contest Miss Belarus in 2018. Later, presidential press secretary Natallya Eysmant said that the head of state personally groomed the girl for raking part in the Miss World pageant. He also taught Maryia how to chop wood, and wanted her to take charge of a collective farm.

Earlier, The Times suggested that the gorgeous had an affair with President Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Later, the girl accused the ‘world-known title’ of lying.

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