Lukashenka’s 17th residence: Selling state property to Cyprian offshore?

Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s residences emerge like mushrooms after the rain: their number has reached 17. The Belarusian leader also has Air Force One. And why not to fly away from January frosts to a warmer country? Of course, in the company of younger son Kolya and at public expense.

Last week, Belsat TV journalists made public the existence of Lukashenka’s new residence and took pictures of it with the help of a drone. A bit later the news broke that its property had been sold to a Cyprian offshore company. Why should Belarusian citizens pay for the leader’s swimming in luxury?

“I think that people got accustomed to the fact that the authorities are not under control of the public, that they have no influence on decisions made by the leadership,” journalist Andrzej Poczobut believes.

The journalist suggests that the emerge of the offshore issue might indicate to the current crisis and the lack of funds: “The fact that some state property is sold to an offshore company may speak for a crisis.”

According to him, extraordinary security measures taken during Lukashenka’s trips are nothing but a show of power and grovelling:

“For example, in the course of his last visit to Hrodna, city policemen were ordered to stand along the road. Such measure was not caused by any need for additional protection; it was rather a demonstration of [Hrodna] authorities subordination, a sign of Byzantinism. In my opinion, Lukashenka likes being treated like that.”

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