Lukashenka remembers offering Clinton position in Union State

During the recent meeting at the Management Academy, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that he once met with Yeltsin and Clinton on the sidelines of an international summit in 1999 and offered the latter “to become the head of the Union State”. Lukashenka was quoted by his press service.

Speaking about the development of a new law on public service, Lukashenka said that although Belarus is relying on new experience, it should be based not on the borrowing of some foreign models, but on the priorities of its state policy.

In support of his words, he cited the situation from the past. Lukashenka said that on the sidelines of the international summit in 1999, he met with Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton — the then leaders of Russia and the United States.

“I said to Yeltsin: “Listen, Boris, let’s offer him a position”. “He looks at me seriously: “Which one?” I say: “We’ll take him in as the head of the Union State, but he’ll still solve the problems there at our behest”.

“Yeltsin laughed loudly, so everyone paid attention to us. Clinton laughed too, but he didn’t know what we were talking about. The interpreter translated for him — he started laughing even more,” said Lukashenka.

He noted that God forbid that the U.S. president would rule in Belarus or Russia.

“We’ll have to deal with both farms and potatoes, not just the opinions of people”. “Watch the work of the presidents in the post-Soviet space and our beloved and respected Donald Trump — a big difference,” said the head of Belarus.

“Therefore, one should be more careful with foreign experience, not only at the top, but also in general,” added Lukashenka.

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