Lukashenka reduces Minsk territory for tobacco industry development

The head of state has signed the decree decreasing the territory of the Belarusian capital by 1.48 hectares.

Part of Shabany residential area was detached from the city of Minsk and placed under control of Minsk regional authorities.

Аlyaksei Aleksin

Alyaksandr Lukashenka took this step for the sake of the development of the tobacco industry. In Shabani, a tobacco factory is expected to be built on the basis of Inter Tobacco; but not for the change, one part of the company would be located in Minsk, and the other – in Minsk region.

Businessman Alyaksei Aleksin will be in charge of the new factory. In December 2017, Lukashenka instructed him to create a single distribution network which would sell cigarettes in Belarus and abroad.

Aleksin is the owner of Energo Oil company. In June, the company was licenced to import L&M, Parliament, Marlboro cigarettes to Belarus. Earlier, these brands had not been present on the domestic market.


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