Lukashenka outraged at Russia selling natural gas to Germany at low price

During the meeting with Prime Minister Syarhei Rumas, President Lukashenka spoke about the Russian gas price.

According to Lukashenka, European countries buy Russian gas at a price almost half as low as that for Belarus.

“Yesterday I received information that Russia sells natural gas in Europe at this difficult time under $ 70: $ 65-68, but not $ 127, as it does for Belarus. What is the situation here, what can we expect in the future? I touched upon this issue at a videoconference within the framework of the EAEC, and soon we will have a conference in the same format. I would like to know what has been done so far to reduce the price of natural gas for Belarus,” his press service quotes the head of state.

“This won’t do, let alone the 75th anniversary, that Germany buys natural gas under $70, as I have information (it was different there), but not $ 127, as for Belarus,” stressed Lukashenka.