Lukashenka orders state media not to praise him too much

During a meeting with the editors of the country’s major media outlets, Alyaksandr Lukashenka stressed that the Belarusian media field will soon face an increasing number of threats. He noted that today the press is not only a means of reporting, but also a full-fledged weapon of mass destruction, the press service of the head of state wrote.

“Fraudulent facts, fakes, deepfakes, the so-called post truth, when the audience is skillfully manipulated, deliberately diverting the audience from the really important problems — this and other information poison is akin to chemical weapons. But there will be more. We will face even more complicated things that will simply be difficult to disprove. At least in a short period of time. This untruth, the lie negatively affects entire layers of the susceptible population, making them defenceless against its destructive effects. Therefore, information confrontation plays a special role now,” said Lukashenka.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka believes that our country is penetrated by various media flows from all sides and the competition in the information field is very tough today.

“We are in a position when we are ill-treated both by our allies and our rivals or enemies, as we used to call them. And in this respect, Belarus is open on all sides. And in major foreign media, there are often insinuations and sometimes even known lies and slander against our country,” said the President.

Lukashenka expressed his belief that the traditional media will remain in demand in the coming years. They should form public opinion in the country.

“If you’ve said something about the president somewhere, no one will ever honestly, objectively smack you in the eye and say that there’s a thief or a man engaged in propaganda for the sake of only keeping power and providing for himself and his inner circle. But this does not mean that you should overpraise the president. We need to do everything in a businesslike manner,” said Alyaksandr Lukashenka.