Lukashenka ‘restoring order’ in banking sector

“Everything happened very quickly. The order of dismissal came from above,” said one of the sources.

The reasons for the dismissal of Syarhei Pisarik are unknown.

The press service of “Belarusbank” said that on Wednesday Chairman of the Board “was at work and signed documents”. A month ago his contract was extended for the next 5 years. There are no other official comments yet.

Almost the entire working career of Pisaryk is linked to with “Belarusbank”. In 2007, he became Deputy Chairman of the board, and 4 years later he headed the bank.

On November 17, Lukashenka promised to restore order in the banks. He noted that there was a crisis in the country, but bankers lived better than ever, receiving high salaries and lending money to themselves.

In summer, authorities detained two top managers of Belarusbank: Executive Director Anatol Bahovik and First Deputy Chairman Henadz Haspadaryk.