Lukashenka mulls over releasing more political prisoners

A businessman, a member of Viktar Babaryka’s team, Yury Vaskrasenski, was invited to the “ObyektivNo” program on the ONT TV channel. Vaskrasenski is prohibited from giving comments to independent media, but, apparently, Belarusian law enforcement agencies allow him to take part in programs on state television.

At the very beginning Yury Vaskrasenski said that no one knew that Lukashenka would come to the pre-trial detention center. “The trigger of his visit to the pre-trial detention center was Marat Markau‘s program” Nothing Personal “(Vaskresenski was a guest of one of the programs –, after which he decided to fight for every citizen.”

Vaskrasenski noted that Lukashenka listened to each of those present at the meeting.

“The President said:“ I want to listen to each of us. So that you could say what we are doing wrong, if we are doing something wrong and expressed your suggestions. ” It was a dialogue. We mostly spoke openly.”

Vaskrasenski also added that Lukashenka asked him to prepare a list of persons who can have their restraint measure changed.

“People who are not so dangerous to society. Today I have prepared this list. ”

Yury Vaskrasenski, a member of the initiative group for collecting signatures for Viktar Babaryka, was released from custody the next day after Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s visit to the KGB pre-trial detention center. On October 11, his was put on house arrest.