Lukashenka meets with Obama: Minsk as venue for talks between USA, North Korea?


Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Barack Obama

Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka is taking part in the 4th Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

The representatives of fifty countries are present at the global forum initiated by US President Barack Obama in 2010. The Kremlin is boycotting the event in Washington.

As Belarus is constructing its own nuclear power plant, it was invited  to Washington.

At the plenary session the Belarusian president came up with a proposal to make Minsk a venue for negotiating the North Korean nuclear program between the US and North Korea.

Nuclear Security Summit in Washington

“We do have experience of peace talks aimed to end conflicts in Nagorny Karabakh and Donbas. When I look at the world map, I see that Belarus lies between America and Korea,” Lukashenka said.

On the sidelines of the summit Lukashenka held a brief meeting with the U.S.president. The leaders aligned their positions on a peaceful settlement of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “I realize that Belarus has made great progress in the field of ​​democracy and freedom of speech. We also appreciate Belarus’ hosting peace talks,” Barack Obama stressed.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka blasted Moscow’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea: “The idea is premature. It is not even a plan. I think it might increase the tension between the neighbors, which neither the brotherly Russian people nor us need.”

The Belarusian leader’s participation in the Washington summit has become possible due to a thaw in relations between our country and the West. Its details were agreed during U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Carpenter’s recent visit to Minsk.

Syarhei Pieliasa, phot. Min I Ngzhalech

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