Lukashenka lifted protective zone around Polesie radiation reserve

According to the Council of Ministers, the decree will foster economic activity near the borders of the reserve.

The head of Belarus has signed a decree abolishing the protective zone of Polesie State Radiation Ecological Reserve, lifting of its borders “for the purpose of the removal of restrictions on the use of land on its territory.”

Radiation hazard signs will be located directly at the borders of the reserve.

The decree has been “approved by all relevant state bodies”. Its adoption “will not create obstacles to the systemic and harmonized legal regulation of the area surrounding Polesie State Radiation Ecological Reserve,” stated in the press-service of Lukashenka.

Protected zone of 1 kilometer had been established to prevent the spread of radionuclides beyond the reserve. In the protection zone it was forbidden to sow, hunt, and fish.

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