Lukashenka spoke about coronavirus, his policies and similarities between events in USA and Belarus

During his visit to the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Alyaksandr Lukashenka commented on the events in the United States. The day before, supporters of Donald Trump broke into the Capitol building. Lukashenka drew parallels with the events in Belarus, his press service writes.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka mentioned the latest events in the United States while in church on Christmas. However, he concluded that the Belarusian protesters need to calm down. According to him, they should not be allowed to walk around the courtyards.

“Thus we need to pull ourselves together, we need to calm down. Not us standing here. But the small group that walks around Minsk on weekends these days. I warned you: it’s bad when they walk down the street, it’s even worse when they walk into the courtyards, it will be unbearable when they come to your apartments. We must not let this happen,” he said.

Lukashenka expressed the opinion that it is necessary to convey this to the opponents, otherwise a hot war could begin, in which other people’s issues will be resolved.

“We must all get together and bring reason to those who today do not understand this. We don’t need wars or clashes. They will be brought to us, you’ll see. They won’t give us a quiet life. Nobody will allow us to breathe freely, in the center of Europe. This is a fight. And God forbid it will turn into a hot war on this territory of ours, but where our issues will not be resolved, where our interests will not be observed. This cannot be allowed. This is the main thing. And I ask you one thing: that there is understanding on your part,” he said.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka also spoke about the coronavirus. According to him, the situation with the pandemic in other countries is catastrophic, but God protects Belarus. He urged the inhabitants of the country to collect themselves, since only together everyone can save “this piece of land”, as he called Belarus.

Political analyst Pavel Vusau writes in his Telegram channel that Lukashenka used Washington’s sad experience to justify terror and repression in Belarus.

“The psychology of a classic loser who only waits for the lucky and successful to stumble to justify his own vices and failure in life. Unfortunately, the successes of democratic societies do not in any way affect the ossified authoritarianisms, but failures, mistakes, disasters, and deaths serve as additional support for the policy of local tyranny and authoritarian consciousness. “Oh, look, the Capitol is being stormed there, but we don’t have that. Lukashenka is acting like ‘cool’ guy here,” writes Pavel Vusau.