Lukashenka: If I were that teacher, I'd wring the punk's neck

President Lukashenka has commented on the case of dismissal and reinstatement of Homiel primary school teacher Lyudmila Chatvertkova who had threatened to kill her student, BelTA informs.

“The fact is that you didn’t hear me when I was opening a new school in Uruchcha when I said that our school system is a mess. And we need to put it in order. Are you waiting for what happened in Stoubtsy to repeat,” BelTA quotes Lukashenka. “And it starts here — with mockery of the teacher. And then they record it and put it online. And this is in the fourth grade”.

Talking to the governor of the Homiel region, Henadz Salavey, Lukashenka said:

“You went there, picked a fight, gathered the bosses from all levels. They pissed yourselves that it had been posted in social networks. Then they they punished the poor teacher. I would have cut the punk’s head off if I were that teacher”.

According to him, the phones distract the children from their classes, namely it was a mobile phone used to record a video showing teacher’s threat.

On September 18, it became known that the teacher had been reinstated at work after personal intervention of Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

Last week a video of a teacher threatening to kill a student with a desk was published on the Internet. The teacher was then fired.

The public’s opinion was divided. Not only the majority of Internet commentators, but also some parents of Homiel schoolchildren took the teacher’s side.

On 13 September, a primary school teacher was fired from Homiel school No. 15, who threatened a schoolboy during a Russian language lesson that she would hit him with a desk, insulted him and used obscene language. The video of the incident was sent by the parents of one of the pupils to the media.