Lukashenka eager to learn more about Belarusian electric car status

During the recent meeting with scientists, Alyaksandr Lukashenka issued an order to officials to report on the results of creating an electric car in Belarus, the press service of the President reports.

“We need to find the time to “question” the head of the Academy of Sciences on the implementation of the instructions I gave last year and the year before last. I mean the electric car, some other directions… Where is it, at what level? We must decide, maybe after the first quarter, and talk to scientists in the Academy of Sciences about the implementation of their discoveries,” he said.

Lukashenka spoke about the need to create an electric car in Belarus at the Congress of Scientists in 2017. The head of state then noted that the scientists promised him “to make an electric car, a battery, which is unique”.

“We will have a surplus of electric energy, we need to put it somewhere,” he said in 2017. “And here God has helped us, the world immediately plunged into electricity. We have now made a decision: we are starting a mass construction of electric charging stations in advance”.

At a meeting with scientists on January 23, 2020, Lukashenka recalled his fundamental requirement for scientific developments to be focused on practicality. “As for practical orientation, it is my strict requirement. We do not need any conversations, ranging from the humanities to natural, exact sciences. We need the developments of scientists which can be applied in practice,” he said.

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