Lukashenka drives combine harvester and tells about his childhood

Today Alyaksandr Lukashenka visited farms in the Shklou and Vorsha districts and shared his childhood memories.

According to presidential press service, Lukashenka arrived at the wheat field driving a quadbike and immediately said that the meeting place was chosen on purpose.

“Today I came to work. This is the president’s field. Once someone said so. This is really my field, where I worked,” he explained.

According to Lukashenka, he had worked in the field since early age, and thus retained two of the most vivid memories.

“First, when I took a horse here, cultivating potatoes. The field was divided into three parts. It was at noon, the heat was incredible, gadflies, flies everywhere,” he said.

“And then I was working on potato itself myself (this is the second impression), and the younger cousin was riding a horse. He was almost as tall as I, and all the time he had to walk holding his hands up, to lead the horse,” shared his memories Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Belta reports.

“In general, the impressions are not very good then, but very useful for the present,” he added.

Then, Lukashenka proposed to test the harvester. One of the agricultural workers sat at the wheel, and next to him was the youngest son of Lukashenka Mikalay. Lukashenka himself sat near the cabin saying “I want to check what the harvester is like in operation”.


Lukashenka and his son Mikalay. Photo –

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